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Here are just a handful of recent comments from our delegates regarding their NEI Conference Series experience !

The Acute Pain lecture... very helpful in my field of anesthesiology... gave some helpful insight, heightened my insight about ethics in medicine. Good Lectures!

I want to tell you that I did enjoy the conference in Egypt. I will definitely do it again next vacation. Thank you again.

Because of the Genetics & Genomics course, I will have a better understandng of genetic variations and be better able to understand the huge progression that has occurred in recent years. Thank you for all your help.

Hello NEI! I enjoyed it [the conference series] very much. I look forward to using your service again, and I have suggested you to several of my colleagues. All in all, I was very happy with the quality of the lectures. As an ED doc, I was surprised to walk away with new, unexpected information on anaphylaxis. The intro to ethics was well done. ...I do intend to read further on the topic [medical error] because of this lecture. I'm going to buy Goldman's book. Thanks!

I just wanted to tell you that the lecture gave very good descriptions of addiction substance abuse, physical dependence & tolerance. It clealy explained how to reconize drug seekers, commercial drug seekers and aberrant drug related behavior. It gave me much information on the technics and behaviors used by commercial drug seekers. To me, it highlighted the importance of under treatment of severe pain.

Thanks for your good support. I hope to be able to use your program again in the future. The programs and speakers - excellent!

It was quite interesting finding out about the mechanism of PCR & the Human Genome Project. The section of future direction of genotyping in prenatal - genetic counseling, clinical diagnosis and prognosis in tumors was also very informative. I feel it is important to have some knowledge of this rapidly expanding new field. It gave an excellent description'.


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