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O.D. Learning Services

NEI Organizational Development Learning Services division offers a number of valuable services to organizational development healthcare departments, their medical professionals and ancillary employees. NEI designs a wide range of programs to help individuals and organizations develop the skills and knowledge to address challenges in health care. These programs offer interactive learning opportunities for health care professionals, medical faculty and administrative leaders.

We are proud of our ongoing commitment to high quality products and services. Our goal is to meet the changing needs of healthcare employers, employees and their organizational development departments through proactive planning, research and investigation of new techniques, theories and approaches to continuing education. We believe in our products and services and strive, through a customer-focused approach, to promote the value of life-long self-development, training, and continuing education.

Our Mission:
We are guided by a mission that emphasizes the growth and development of our customers:

  • Create growth and development opportunities for all employees;
  • Support healthcare organizational development Agencies striving for organizational success;
  • Nurture a culture that values competence and continuous improvement.

Our Vision:
To be a nationally recognized training and development organization that:
  • Supports and promotes excellence in development of people and organizations
  • Values accountability, respect for self and others, and customer service
  • Promotes competence within individuals, departments, and agencies

Our Philosophy:
Our guiding philosophy provides us with a set of guidelines from which we provide training, education, which are in lockstep with organizational development programs.
  • We take pride in offering educational programs and services that are relevant to the needs of all healthcare employees and their parent organizations.
  • We strive to provide an interactive learning environment that is conducive to free and open exchange of information and ideas.
  • We search for new and innovative ways to offer training and educational services to employees of healthcare employers.

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