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Can a medical practitioner find continuing medical education conferences that are up-to-date, non-repetitive, non-biased and offered by companies who have more than just a financial interest? The answer is yes, thanks to a partnership by Global HealthNet and NEI Conferences.

Global HealthNet is an agency founded by NEI Conferences’ North American doctors, which monitors and directs continuous improvements to the field of medicine by practicing corporate citizenship, social responsibility and medical accountability on an International level. GHN develops medical initiatives today – to promote stronger and healthier communities of tomorrow.

Many associations, known worldwide – send physicians to assist rural communities by living ‘on-site’ for an extended period of time. However, what happens to those local doctors who remain after a team of International good-will medical practitioners leave? How do they continue to be kept current in their medical practice when the necessary human contact from the outside medical world is lacking? Through a combined effort, Global HealthNet is able to explore many impact programs throughout the globe such as ensuring that courses such as dental continuing education and medical continuing education are provided to professionals in remote areas though an ambitious physician continuing medical education learning and research program designed for health professionals of all levels treating the general public.

What was developed in order to help fund future initiatives of Global HealthNet was NEI Conferences. Proceeds from each NEI Conference Series aids GHN in its quest to educate.

NEI Conferences dental continuing education and medical continuing education module was developed by doctors of Global HealthNet for doctors who found it difficult to attend high-quality Continuing Education courses. Time and time again, doctors head for exotic destinations and take less than adequate CME, CDE, which should be disallowed by local organizations alike. NEI Conferences principle mandate has always been to provide high-quality physician continuing medical education and dental continuing education in a format and with convenience of access so as to permit delegates to travel and learn at their own discretion as to time and location.

Not only can one claim NEI's conferences-to-go for self-learning medical continuing education and dental continuing education credits by Medical and Dental Associations alike but, NEI's 'e-learning format also has support from the Canadian and Quebec not-for-profit government e-learning association. This association’s directive is to promote e-learning as an important and viable education option.

Experienced in organizing conferences since 1997, and involved in continuing education since 1976 the principals of NEI Conferences established a travel seminar series specifically to cater to the needs of professionals. Not only is NEI the initiator and creator of the NEI Travel and Learn Format but, they are the leaders in high-quality medical continuing education and dental continuing education lectures (which are tailor-made for NEI delegates and reviewed by a CME CDE CLE Advisory Board). NEI’s physician continuing medical education courses are never recycled data nor are they lectures commonly found on easily accessible ‘free cme websites’.

If you are a physician who is looking to find continuing medical education conferences, take a moment to browse the NEI website [] and learn what 10000+ visitors a month have learned: how to travel and learn with NEI – legally and responsibly. By using the most sophisticated technology, not only will you receive physician continuing medical education and dental continuing education credits but, you will also be supporting a community organization that strongly feels that more can be done with ‘education’ for ourselves and for our fellow colleagues worldwide.





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