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Top 10 myths of travel cme seminars:

Since 2001, NEI Conferences has been organizing online continuing medical education and online dental continuing education. Much care has gone into the establishment of NEI Conferences as a viable elearning educational option because of the development of its sophisticated and technologically advanced system.

Recently, NEI Conferences has been inundated by telephone calls from delegates who feel that travel cme seminars often have the reputation of presenting educational material of questionable value thanks in part to companies whose sole raison d’etre is to present a a tax deductible vacation option.

NEI defies the myths of travel cme seminars for online continuing medical education and online dental continuing education with the highest quality CME/CDE/CLE.


1. Companies who provide medical continuing education and dental continuing education do not have up-to-date, non-repetitive, non-biased educational material.

(NEI Conferences ONLY offers lectures, which are tailor-made annually for NEI delegates and are always reviewed by a CME CDE CLE Advisory Board. NEI Conferences does not use recycled material or lectures that are readily found on the internet.)

2. Physician CME travel is restricted in dates, black-out periods and destinations.

(With NEI Conferences, a health professional may choose his own dates and locations of travel – 365 days a year.)

3. Health Professionals have to go on a tour with a guide and other individuals that they do not know. There is never any privacy.

(Any online continuing medical education and online dental continuing education from NEI Conferences is created specifically for that individual at the time of registration. Go with a group – go on your own. Anything is possible with NEI Conferences; CE organizer and exclusive provider of the NEI Travel and Learn Format. )

4. Companies are offering travel cme seminars but, they are not always aboveboard.

(Not only can one claim NEI Conferences for accreditation by Medical and Dental Associations alike, but, NEI’s e-learning format also has support from the Canadian and Quebec not-for-profit government e-learning associations – the only company worldwide which can claim legitimacy in that area.)

5. Health Professionals taking part in physician cme travel are only interested in a tax-deductible vacation.

(NEI Conferences has been established by doctors for doctors who feel strongly that education should continue to always be the primary component of NEIs success. Delegates have made it clear from the start that they desire to be educated and do not have time to waste on courses, which review material taught in medical/dental school no matter what the tax-deductibility is. Health Professionals have a right to be able to combine high-quality serious continuing education courses with travel.)

6. Companies offering travel cme seminars do not have staying power.

(At NEI Conferences, the staff has been experienced in organizing conferences since 1997, and involved in continuing education since 1976. The principals of NEI Conferences established a travel cme seminars series specifically to cater to the needs of professionals. Everyone involved in the NEI Conferences project [including support staff] must have a background in either medicine, law and/or dentistry. Not only that but, NEI Conferences was the first company worldwide to provide this type of travel and learn format.)

7. The speakers have little or no experience in CE lecturing and their material is second-rate.
(NEI Conferences has a database of speakers who are some of the most renown specialists in their field. Many faculty members have over 30 years of experience in education and because NEI rotates its lecture series annually, health professionals are sure to hear a range of topics and speakers on an ongoing basis. Based on delegate feedback, we are proud to say that our lecture material is consistently rated at 4 and 5 out of 5.)

8. Online continuing medical education and online dental continuing education cannot be combined with travel.

(True – if you are not NEI Conferences. Only NEI Conferences provides online continuing medical education and online dental continuing education within a travel context ie. our lectures cannot be accessed except away from the registrant’s home town. Due to a sophisticated software and system developed by the IT department of NEI Conferences, health professionals have the opportunity to combine travel and learning whatever time of year, whatever the location.)

9. Health Professionals cannot claim an online cme course and traveling expenses while on vacation as a tax-deduction.

(Absolutely correct – if you are traveling with some OTHER companies who offer the same lecture stramed to your home or if they merely refer you to lecture sites. Such companies should not insinuate tax deductible travel. NEI Conferences launched an extensive analysis prior to offering its courses to the medical/dental community to be certain that they were able to operate on the basis that they advertise.)

10. Health Professionals can view their courses while at home and prior to/following their vacation and still claim their travels as a tax-deduction.

(No. Only NEI Conferences can offer a physician cme travel format in the destination of your choosing on the dates that you have indicated as stated – you cannot access our lectures at home. NEI has initiated and created this 24/7/365 travel and learn format at the location of your choosing – other than your hometown. NEI monitors your location and knows registrants are where they say they are without a doubt. Why trust others who pretend to offer something ostensibly similar but “deliver” without the success, legitimacy and strength of NEI Conferences?)





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