Medical Continuing Education Cruises

Rest and relaxation meets continuing education for medical professionals with medical continuing education cruises! If you’re in the medical industry, chances are, your state requires continuing education (CE). Why not opt for something fun?

Medical continuing education cruises are designed to be convenient and enjoyable. You attend the conference while on a medical cruise from your cabin via the Internet. Once your session is done, you can enjoy the fresh air from the ship’s deck. You can attend your session at anytime. Plan your attendance around cruise activities and your down time.

What’s not to like about knocking out CE conferences and vacationing all at the same time? A portion of your expenses is even tax deductable.

Medical Cruise

You can make continuous medical education (CME) exciting by going on a medical cruise. You work long hours and have very little time to relax. And then to cram in CE courses? Not great motivators unless, that is, you attend a seminar on one of our medical cruises. You’ll probably be more likely want to attend CME if you were someplace fun, since that’s really the point here.

Now really picture it. You’re on a cruise somewhere fantastic. You get a seminar out of the way in the morning and then you have the rest of the day to do whatever you wish in a fabulous location. But where oh where will you go? How about these destinations:

  • Morroco, Portugal, Spain
  • New Zealand, Czec Republic, Netherlands
  • Mexico, Canada
  • Thailand, Singapore, Australia

Exotic, wonderful places waiting to be explored. Leave your scrubs at home and pack your fun duds: sunglasses, digital camera, and “cool” clothes. You’ll meet new people and make a few friends.

And yes, you’ll learn a few things too. It’s is after all, a “working” cruise because you’ll spend, oh…an hour or so, at a seminar.

What are you waiting for? Register today and view current lectures. Pick your destination and highlight the date on your smart phone. You will surely enjoy this medical cruise.

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