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NEI's Green Policy

At NEI, we believe that 'sustainable development' of the world, the human race and business enterprises in the 21st century is an issue that must be focused on with the highest priority.  Based on this belief, we have prepared the NEI Conferences Green Policy as a central public notice.  Under our Green Policy concept, we aim to attain a high level of environmental quality in our services and other corporate activities.

To this end, our Green Policy sets 4 priority targets:

1. Establish environmental leadership and influence industry and citizens to use environmentally appropriate goods, services and processes.

2. Foster change and market development of, and demand for, environmentally approved goods and services, making these available and mainstream for other sectors.

3. Support emerging environmental technologies.

4. Concern for the Environment in expansion of growth businesses.

The expected results of the application of this policy will benefit the environment by contributing to environmental objectives such as:
reducing waste, aid in reuse and recycling and support a healthier working environment for employees.

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