Continuing Education: Dental Professionals

Most dental professionals are required to attend courses in continuing education. Dental practices even encourage it. Dentists in the practice, the hygienists, nurses, assistants, and all other members of the team can attend dental continuing education classes, seminars, presentations, and more at their scheduling convenience, in the location of their choice with NEI Conferences.

Learn more by browsing the site. You can find out the types of coursework we offer and learn about how to register.

Dental Continuing Education Adventures

If you are the office manager or dentist/owner of a practice, consider combining dental continuing education attendance with a break for your staff. And how might this be possible?

With NEI Conferences, you can enjoy the class or seminar from your resort, hotel room, conference room—anywhere! Simply select the courses or seminars you want, then choose your location. The presentation is then available, on demand, via webcast.

So try this…book a long weekend for your staff somewhere truly relaxing or somewhere out of the ordinary, perhaps the beach or the mountains. Plan to attend the courses you have selected, either individually from hotel rooms or together in a conference room to get the credits you all need and hone your skills as a group. Then, plan some team building exercises to solidify your skills at working together and improve morale. And don’t forget to get some rest and relaxation time in as well.

Learn more about the locations we recommend and the hotel and trip discounts we can offer by browsing the site. Give us a call if you need further assistance. You can also use the site to find out about group discounts, as well as download the forms you may need.

With the flexible options offered by NEI Conferences to get continuing education, dental teams can come back informed, rested, and rejuvenated!

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