CME Conferences

Doctors, nurses, technicians and other healthcare professionals are often required and always encouraged to attend CME conferences. And most are happy to oblige; however, the locations and scheduling of regional or area medical seminars or courses don’t always fit into the individual or departmental schedule.

NEI Conferences offers flexible solutions to help medical professionals get the ongoing training and continued education they need. Visit the FAQ page to learn more about the registration process and how to book a room at one of our affiliate hotel partners. CME cruises, vacations and more,

Medical Seminars

The medical seminars offered through NEI Conferences are also available on-demand, from any location on any set of dates. Instead of working your schedule and travel plans around available CME conferences or seminars, make your plans and register with NEI Conferences. After registration and travelling to the desired destination, participants can view the course as a webcast from the comfort of their suite. You can also book a continuing education cruise with us.

The options for getting the continued education you need to advance in your career or attending a seminar to enhance your profession are virtually limitless with NEI Conferences. Browse the site to learn more about our company, how we effortlessly bring these courses to you, and to see a list of available seminars. Registration instructions and payment information is also available right here. Here at NEI Conferences, we have the flexible solutions you need to make continuing education easy and accessible.

This concept is a bit outside the box and is different than local courses or even competing online providers of CME classes and seminars. However, we encourage you to read the articles we have available here, and to also browse through our blog. This should give you a clear idea of what we do and how we do it. You’ll immediately see that NEI Conferences has brought together the best of all possible worlds—flexibility and convenience with high quality education.

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