American CME Seminars

NEI Conferences offers American CME seminars anytime-anywhere. That means you can obtain your continuing education credits on your terms, to fit your busy schedule. Whether you want to take the family on a vacation, but still need to squeeze in a couple of credits, or you want a break and need some time alone away from your hectic schedule, medical seminars from NEI Conferences make that possible.

Attending American CME seminars is easy. Start by viewing our available lectures. To do this, you’ll need to create an account. Once you have selected the lecture of your choice, you register. Then let us know where you’ll be—hotel, city, state, and we’ll arrange for everything to be available, even a computer to view the webcast.

You can "attend" the seminar at your convenience. Log in while you’re sipping your morning coffee from the comfort of your room. Or come back in the afternoon to rest and attend the seminar before going back out. If you’re busy enjoying the vacation, log in after the end of a fun day. You are in charge of the seminar schedule. This is one of the benefits of NEI Conferences.

Medical Seminars: Choices

Medical seminars have come a long way from traditional classroom-like settings. NEI Conferences offers medical personnel the opportunity to earn continuing education credits with options that seem almost too luxurious and fun for learning.

Take, for example, CME cruises: Enjoy the sun and explore tropics. We’ll arrange for you to have the equipment in your room so you can attend at your leisure. Then when you come back from your cruise, not only will you be well rested, but you’ll also have completed a course.

NEI Conferences offers CME courses internationally as well. Visit France, Germany, England—anywhere you want. Just know that you can enjoy the sights of the destination of your choice, decadent foods, and access quality training all at the same time.

Fun, rest, and relaxation are just what the doctor order. Write a prescription for some entertainment mixed with a CME course. Call us for more information.

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