Vacation and a Medical Cruise

Being a medical professional is a tough job with long demanding hours and very little time for relaxing. Finding time for family and friends can be difficult to accomplish and put a strain on your lifestyle. Staying informed on the latest medical advances and discoveries through continuing education is also important, but it again reduces the time you have to relax and vacation. An awesome alternative solution is combining work and vacation with a medical cruise. Imagine spending time in a luxurious location in the Caribbean, Hawaii or Europe while spending time with your family and getting continuing education credit in your field. These are just a few of the benefits from planning your own educational courses.

  • Plan travel when you want to go.
  • Study at your convenience.
  • Select destinations you would like to visit.
  • Spend time with family while getting continuing education credit.
  • Work with an exceptional continuing education company.
  • Learn from leaders in the medical and dental field.
  • Benefit from tax deductions.

NEI Conferences is dedicated to providing enriching courses to you on your schedule and at your convenience. You can choose any location worldwide or cruise CME. Your time is precious, so what better way than to combine vacation with short, informative coursework designed to enhance your ongoing career whether you are a doctor, pharmacist or dentist. NEI Conferences is dedicated to working around your schedule, so you do not have to attend conferences in places you do not want to go at inconvenient times.

Cruise CME and Relax

You do not have to worry about trying to schedule your time around another company's schedule ever again. Enjoy the advantages of planning a medical cruise whenever it is you want to go. NEI Conferences is the world leader in advanced learning. By providing technological expertise and flexible scheduling, you will appreciate the ease of work and vacation. Additionally, if you are not interested in a cruise CME package, NEI Conferences offers organized conferences at locations around the world. You can enjoy considerable savings if you are traveling with your staff by saving on car rental, hotels and airline tickets. With us you can learn anywhere, anytime!

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