Medical Continuing Education Conferences

Most medical associations require a certain amount of continuing education in order to maintain good standing. Medical continuing education conferences allow professionals to stay on top of current procedures and advances in their field. Unfortunately, most doctors are extremely busy. They are lucky to get any time off at all and often resent being forced to limit their vacation destinations to the locations offering the courses they require.

CME conferences are often held in popular vacation locations, but that does not help if you have a specific location you would like to visit. NEI allows you to go on vacation to the destination of your choice and we bring the conference to you. There is no easier way to attend the lectures you need while enjoying the vacation you want. If you prefer, NEI also offers pre-arranged conferences.

NEI CME Conferences

NEI allows you to attend self learning lectures via the Internet. For over a decade, NEI CME conferences have given professionals the flexibility other conferences do not. We make getting the required education easy and convenient.

Both medical and dental topics are offered by NEI. A few of the lecture titles include:

  • Ethics and Health Care Professionals, An Introduction
  • History and Physical Examination of Shoulder Disorders
  • Genetics and Genomics for Non-Geneticists (parts I - VI)
  • Basic Periodontics: Anatomy, Epidemiology, Pathogenesis
  • Aberrant Extractions in Orthodontics
  • Acute Pain Management in Primary Care
  • Research Ethics for Research Clinicians

Once you have completed one of our medical continuing education conferences, you will receive documentation detailing the number of hours you have attended to send to the appropriate associations.

There has never been a more convenient way to earn the credits necessary to maintain your professional standing. Learn more about NEI by submitting an online contact form or by calling 1 866 685-6860 (toll free in the US or Canada).

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