ANY TIME = 365 days a year, 24/7
ANYWHERE = ANY destination worldwide

Leading medical continuing education seminar

You can now combine tax deductible travel to any destination on the map with your CME pursuits at NEI Conferences. We're the first company to offer leading medical continuing education seminar options online via webcast so that you can learn whenever and wherever you want! Simply register your program choices with us and book a trip to the destination of your choice. When you arrive, you can attend your medical continuing education conferences on your own schedule, right from the comfort of your hotel room! Your courses and a portion of your traveling expenses will be tax deductible. We're even offering special deals with Fairmont Hotels and Resorts for locations including Boston, New Orleans, San Francisco, San Jose and many more popular hotspots! Spend a little time exploring our website now to learn more about how it works and to browse your program choices.

Search medical continuing education conferences

Are you tired of having to bend your schedule around the availability and destination of the next big CME conference? With NEI Conferences, you get to choose the date, time and city! Our medical continuing education conferences are available online via webcast, so they're more flexible than ever. You simply register your courses before leaving for any destination you choose and then view the online lectures when it's most convenient for you. You'll be able to deduct a significant portion of your expenses from your taxable income, earn your CME credits and take a relaxing vacation all at the same time! Please take a few minutes to look for a medical continuing education seminar from our current schedule that suits you. If you have any questions, just visit our detailed FAQ page!


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