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Exposé magistral sur l’incorporation (Coming Soon)
Application à des cas pratiques : calcul des économies d’impôts spécifiques pour des dentistes en fonction de différents scénarios : calculs basés selon le contexte familial et le contexte de travail. (Coming Soon)


HIPAA for the office
Electronic Medical Records
Informed Consent Small Business Pitfalls
HR Documentation
Medical Record Documentation
Consent Issues
Guardianship issues
Trademarks for the Medical Professional

Medical Charting (Speaker: James Bream)
Harassment (Sensitivity) Training (Speaker: April Walkup)
Trade Secrets and Patents for the Medical Professional (Speaker: Beverly Berneman)
Non-Medical Business Investment Strategy for the Medical Professional (Speakers: Beverly Berneman and Robert Benjamin)
Bankruptcy Issues for Medical Practices (Speakers: Beverly Berneman and Robert Benjamin)


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