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ANYWHERE = ANY destination worldwide

Find dental online continuing education programs

Are you tired of going to the same seminars every year in the same location? Do you wish that your courses could be offered somewhere you would actually like to go - somewhere you could incorporate a vacation as well as fulfilling requirements for dental continuing education classes? Check out the NEI Conferences and how we are different than other dental continuing education classes. We don't make you pick a destination and date from our roster or conferences. Instead, you pick the destination and we provide the courses once you get there. Our dental online continuing education seminars allow you to combine a relaxing, fun vacation with completing useful seminars and learning. You will be able to fulfill your course work and still get to have a vacation at the same time. you won't have to spend hours in a classroom every day of your trip; you plan your days how you want to spend them. You can take the class at anytime - day or night - from the comfort of your hotel room.

Dental continuing education classes plus vacation

Since you will be completing our dental online continuing education seminars, you will be able to write off a portion of your vacation. Once you arrive at your destination you simply attend the seminars of your choosing via webcast. Earn CDE credits while you get to enjoy a trip.

We invite you to browse our listings of courses to find ones that you are interested in pursuing. Then, you can register and even save 5% off the normal costs to sign up. Enjoy the freedom to plan your destination and have fun while getting the credits you need. It may sound too good to be true, but our program does work and provide the credits you need. We just work in a different way than most conference planners.


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