ANY TIME = 365 days a year, 24/7
ANYWHERE = ANY destination worldwide

Dental continuing education seminars anywhere

NEI Conferences is a leader in offering seminars to busy, working professionals in many fields. We know how important it is to keep on top of your dental continuing education courses. We also know that it can be timely and frustrating to try to select a seminar from a pre-determined listing of dates and locations. Often times, you are stuck in a boring location in a hotel conference room all day long. We've taken a new approach to offering seminars for dental continuing education. Instead of attending a live presentation, we have created web casts that you can attend at your convenience, from any destination of your choosing. You can now combine a vacation and fitting in your dental continuing education courses. And, since you will be attending training sessions, you will be able to write-off part of your trip for business purposes.

Dental continuing education courses great locations

You get to choose the when and where of your seminar. Since the training is done from your computer, you just need to make sure you have internet access in your hotel room. You can go anywhere you want. Sit down and complete the training session at a time that works best for you. Don't waste an entire day inside a conference center when you could be out enjoying the sights and beautiful day. Take an evening to do the training, or early in the morning. It fits your schedule.

If you prefer a pre-arranged trip, we offer some fabulous destinations in our training packages. Choose a city and topic you wish to attend and register online today. Choose from domestic or international and start packing!


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