ANY TIME = 365 days a year, 24/7
ANYWHERE = ANY destination worldwide

NEI's unique continuing education courses, medical and dental

Many occupations require continuing education courses. Medical and dental professionals, though, often find it particularly to fit these necessary classes into their busy schedules. The only option is to spend precious vacation time on work! This also means that your vacation plans are limited to locations offering the coursework you need.

NEI is changing the way you take continuing education courses. Medical and dental professionals now have the option of traveling to the destination of their choice and attending an online lecture to fulfill their class work obligations. NEI's ANYTIME - ANYWHERE conferences allow you to fit your continuing medical education meetings into your vacation instead of planning your vacation around your courses.

Dental continuing education classes

Even dental professionals can take advantage of the NEI system. Dental continuing education classes on topics such as "Serial Extraction" and "Extraction Orthodontics - Case Examples" are now being offered through NEI. Vacation time is precious to dentists, too, and there is no reason why a vacation should be wasted on work requirements. After attending your dental continuing education classes you will receive a certification of attendance to submit to your professional association, just as NEI offers for their medical lectures.

Group continuing medical education meetings

If you would prefer to organize or attend informal group continuing medical education meetings, groups of 10 or more are offered special discounted rates on American Airlines. This is just another great way to take advantage of NEI's ANYTIME - ANYWHERE conferences! At NEI, we are dedicated to delivering the information you need in the least disruptive way. Whether you choose to attend as part of a group or as an individual, we feel there are many advantages to the NEI conferences format.


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