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Continuing medical education meeting online

Doctors looking to continue educational pursuits have in the past often had to travel to various seminars in far off cities to learn about developments in their specialized areas, adding even more work hours and time away from the family to an already overworked and stressful profession. Now, with the help of NEI Conferences, doctors can have a continuing medical education meeting online.

NEI is proud to offer a wide array of continuing medical education courses this year, ranging in topic from such broad concerns as ethics in medicine to specifics about hot-button topics such as genetics and genomics. The best thing about these classes and seminars is that they can be taken from the privacy of your own home, hotel room, or office, even during free time on a vacation. Learning the necessary skills to keep up with your profession no longer means an extra trip or two each year, and taking our courses while on vacation means that a portion of your travel expenses become tax deductible!

Continuing medical education courses from NEI

NEI Conferences are the creators and initial users of the "NEI Travel and Learn Format," allowing you to take advantage of our classes and seminars while on vacation. A leader in online continuing medical education, meeting the standards of in-person classes is not our goal. Our goal is to exceed that standard with our continuing medical education courses, while providing a far more convenient option for doctors and other health care professionals on the go. Register through our secure online form or contact us at for more information.


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