Continuing Medical Education Cruise


Personalized continuing medical education cruise

Take full advantage of the tools and CME cruise resources made available here on, and you can seamlessly combine your dream vacation with earning your required CE credits. Our system enables our members to learn any time they wish at any destination throughout the world, making it possible for you to build your very own continuing medical education cruise. When you leverage the full customization capabilities of NEI Conferences, you can attend a world class seminar via Webcast from the comfort of your ship's cabin. This type of medical cruise offers maximum flexibility to ensure that you enjoy your trip; you're completely in charge of when it's learning time and when it's time to relax and soak up the sun or enjoy the breathtaking view. You'll earn your credits, have plenty of time to enjoy the trip of a lifetime and, when it's all over, you'll even be able to deduct a portion of the overall traveling expenses from your taxable income. Please continue reading for more details.

A medical cruise on your schedule

The traditional model for CE conferences works just fine, as long as you always have complete control over your own schedule. But we know that the world just isn't that perfect, and that the medical cruise you would like to take might not come at a good time for you. That's why we've created NEI Conferences; you work hard all year long, and you deserve to be able to travel while maximizing your efficiency for earning your CE credit. In addition to helping our members create their ideal continuing medical education cruise, we can also assist with customized CE solutions for other professionals that need it:

  • Dentists
  • Pharmacologists
  • Legal professionals

Complete details on our membership options, pre-arranged CME Cruises and other services are all included right here on Please take all the time you need to explore the site and learn how it works!

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