Continuing Medical Education Cruises

Call our toll-free number (866-685-6860) or complete the contact form to get the ball rolling on your next continuing medical education cruise. As you view your options here, take a moment to explore other pages of and find out why we’re so much more than a continuing medical education cruise provider.

We partner with an agency that was founded by North American doctors who sought an effective means of helping to improve medicine in developing regions of the world. Global HealthNet and NEI are a natural fit, as the CME offerings we provide dovetail beautifully with the corporate responsibility initiatives of this organization. Learning programs that have been designed for healthcare professionals in all parts of the globe, along with a disbursement of new medical equipment, disaster management coursework and helpful technologies, are delivered effectively through this agency. NEI is honored to be part of this solution.

So when you sign on for one of our continuing medical education cruises, getting the accredited, superior CME fulfillment while making the most of the little free time you have, you can do so knowing that you’re also supporting these efforts to positively affect medicine where it’s needed most.

Contact one of our offices, complete the contact form, call us, send an email or fax: If you’re interested in learning more about helping with these efforts we’ll be happy to discuss the programs with you. Or simply view and register for one or more NEI continuing medical education cruises. You can be involved in global health education and services improvement by doing so.

How does NEI and partner Global HealthNet reach so many in remote areas of the world? We’ve maximized the potential of telemedicine and e-learning. Contact us to learn more and let us know if you would like to be a part of this solution.

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