High-caliber continuing medical education conferences

When deciding how you would like to take advantage of the anytime, anywhere advantage of the NEI approach, feel free to browse through our Advisory Board and list of past speakers. With reputable, experienced board members and a host of sought-after speakers, you'll quickly see that the delivery system is only surpassed by the caliber of speakers contracted to provide the best in continuing medical education. Conferences are structured around relevant, up-to-date material also. To see what topics have been covered in recent conferences, feel free to look at the pull-down menu labeled "Start Here," and select "Topics." Subject matter is both far-ranging and responsive to the most requested and useful continuing medical education seminars. It's a given you can count on so you can invest your precious time planning a great vacation.

Travels and continuing medical education seminars

"Where is it you'd like to go next?" This is a question one might hear on an international flight passed between two globe-trotters who seemingly have all the time in the world to explore the next exotic or historically exciting spot. This may not seem like part of a medical professional's lexicon, but with NEI, it can be. Because you can attend your tax-deductible continuing medical education conferences absolutely anywhere in the world that you can plug into the Internet, you may soon find yourself asking a fellow traveler just that. And when they return the query, you'll be able to say something like, "Oh, I'm not sure. I think one of my next continuing medical education seminars will be in _____. (You fill in the blank.)

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