Your choice: continuing medical education conference

Your schedule is full, overfull many times, and when you manage to arrange for some needed leisure time around meetings, consultations, patient priorities, and all of the aspects of being a medical practitioner that keeps you going day and night, you may not wish to make your vacation plans around the arbitrary decisions of a medical conference organizer. With next-generation NEI, you easily travel to places that appeal to you the most, and you can take advantage of the same tax deduction allowances offered professionals who attend the same scheduled, live conferences medical professionals have been attending for years. You'll gain valuable continuing education updates for your professional development by attending a continuing medical education program online, courtesy of NEI. And you'll be scheduling your seminar time around your vacation plans, instead of the other way around. We think it's the best way to get the most rejuvenation time out of your continuing medical education conference opportunities.

World travel, continuing medical education program

It's a wide and wonderful world, and those who dedicate so many hours to helping others in the medical field do well to take a little time to explore other lands while taking some time to relax. An NEI continuing medical education conference is perfect for scaffolding both your professional development and your well-being. Great locales for international venues combine well with any online continuing medical education program, where you can study from the convenience of your hotel or cruise ship cabin and prioritize the enjoyment that travel affords. Some great venues for our "pre-organized" events include Los Cabos, Mexico, Sydney, Australia, Honolulu, Hawaii, New York, NY, and Bangkok, Thailand. Don't hesitate to explore your options with NEI: you'll be off on your next adventure soon.

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