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Find continuing medical education conference

NEI Conferences wants to give you a terrific opportunity to learn and relax at the same time! Our system makes it easy to find continuing medical education conference opportunities because you get to choose the time and place. You can combine any of our seminars with a trip to any destination around the world, and you'll be able to manage your own time to view each lecture via webcast during the course of your travels. The continuing education medical online lectures are simple to launch and view, and because you attend them during your vacation, you can write off a portion of your traveling expenses as a tax deduction. In addition to programs focused on the field of medicine, NEI also hosts seminars for:

  • Pharmacists
  • Attorneys
  • Dentists
Please spend a few moments to explore our site in more detail and learn more about how our program works. Remember, if you register online you'll save 5% off of your registration costs!

Continuing education medical online seminars

Before you plan your next vacation around a major seminar or conference, consider the advantages of learning with the help of NEI Conferences. Our continuing education medical online opportunities let you be in charge of where and when you travel for your CME credits. Instead of planning your trip around the seminar, you can choose your program from our list and plan your travels for any destination and at any time! Then, you'll be able to complete your program online via webcast and spend your spare time enjoying a new locale. It has never been easier to find continuing medical education conference opportunities that perfectly suit your schedule! Of course, you can still deduct a portion of each trip from your taxable income. Take a moment to browse through our website and learn a little more about how it works!


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