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Affordable medical continuing education conferences

If you are thinking that our innovative e-education model must be outlandishly overpriced, you would be wrong. strives to organize affordable medical continuing education conferences. We offer a variety of registration fees which take into account your professional status and travel plans.

For example, a dental technician, resident or nurse should not have to pay the same fees as a full delegate physician or dentist. Also, we understand that your whole practice could benefit from attending a continuing education medical meeting, so we offer lower rates for your support staff, clinical coordinators or additional accompanying persons.

If you travel frequently and are planning on attending multiple conferences, we offer an annual membership at lower rates. With affordable registration fees like these, there is no excuse to put off attending one of our medical continuing education conferences.

Relevant continuing education medical meeting topics

Convenient, easy and affordable might sound too good to be true. And in some cases, it is. Out-of-date topics by speakers you've never heard of in places you don't want to go. But, that isn't the case with Our continuing education medical meeting topics are exciting and current and presented by leaders in their fields. Our speakers are among the most respected researchers, instructors, professors, investigators and practitioners.

Relevant subjects like intubations, food allergies, smoking cessation, fluid management, genetics and ethics are just some of the issues presented in the 2007 medical catalog. Additionally, there are many interesting discussions on extractions and stability in the dental list.


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