Continuing Education: Dental, Medical, Legal

NEI Conferences specializing in providing professionals with the continuing education credits and medical seminars they need to retain their professional standings. We strive to offer the most innovative and convenient way to pursue continuing education. Dental, medical and even legal professionals can attend our seminars virtually. Our webcasts eliminate the need for you to waste your precious vacation time traveling to destinations determined by seminar availability. As long as you have access to a broadband Internet connection, which are commonly available in hotel rooms and even aboard cruise ships, you can pursue your continuing education credits.

There is no easier way to attend to your continuing dental education. Online seminars are accepted by most professional groups and you will receive documentation from NEI Conferences detailing the topics and hours attended. Our seminars are used by professionals in both the United States and Canada to earn the credits they need.

Continuing Dental Education Online

Dentists can now enjoy a tremendous amount of flexibility when pursuing continuing education. Through NEI Conferences, several great topics are available including:

  • Stability in Orthodontics
  • Serial Extraction
  • Extraction Orthodontics - Case Examples
  • Aberrant Extractions in Orthodontics
  • Basic Periodontics: Diagnosis and Classification or Anatomy, Epidemiology, Pathogenesis

In addition to our fascinating topic list, NEI Conferences strives to be the easiest way to attend continuing dental education online. We use an extremely simple interface that does not require any downloads or special software. You can easily use a computer in your hotel's business center, for example, to view our webcasts. This allows you to travel almost anywhere while still attending to your continuing education. Dental professionals can now choose their own vacation destinations, including visits to family, and still attend our conferences.

Learn more about our programs by filling out our online information request or call NEI Conferences using our toll free number (1 866 685 6860) from the US or Canada.

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