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If youíve found us through a peer referral or through an online search, we welcome you and hope youíll explore the site, set up for your ease and convenience. Just like continuing dental education online with NEI, this portal to convenient learning is designed to serve. Take our blog, set up to let you communicate directly with us or with others in the NEI continuing education dental community. Itís a great venue for sharing your experiences and travel images and you can access the blog for information about speakers or NEI staff, or you can use it to share travel tips. Let the next person who takes advantage of continuing education in Paris know where the best place is to get amazing pastries or share your favorite experiences visiting the Louvre. In whatever way you decide to use the NEI blog, know itís here for you whenever you need it, just like the NEI staff.

Continuing Education: Dental Professionals Share Pictures

See the NEI Picture of the Month. Those in the NEI community send and share inspiring images from exotic locales or just beautiful images of natural wonders not so far away. We invite you to join in. Itís a great way to make connections with professional peers while availing yourself of NEI continuing dental education online, set up to advance your professional development while feeding your wanderlust.

See the International Venues page to get a better idea of the kinds of images you way have to share with others who count on NEI for continuing education. Dental professionals can travel anywhere, of course, but pre-organized conferences are held in such locations as Singapore, Nassau, Los Cabos, Barcelona, and Amsterdam. You may find yourself snapping pictures in Honolulu or Sydney while completing coursework for professional development.

NEI Picture of the Month is just one small part of our effort to foster community here. Itís a great tool for social as well as professional networking. If you have an image to share, just send us an email with the image and weíll post it here.

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