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Have you gone to medical seminars in the past or chosen a vacation medical seminar before and realized how great it was to incorporate both learning and vacation time together? Are you looking to sign up for similar seminars in the future? Before you plan your next continuing education seminar, spend a few minutes exploring to learn about how we can make this year different with a medical seminar cruise. We are providing the capability for you to create CME cruises of your own design, by looking for the classes that interest you and then seeing what types of cruises can accommodate (please give us a call for more details). Instead of conforming to the schedule and destination of the various conferences you'll be able to attend this year, just take a few minutes to sign up with NEI conferences and choose one of ours. You can then customize your very own CME Alaskan cruises, or cruise just about anywhere else and attend your seminars via Webcast from the comfort of your ship cabin. The world's most renowned experts lead these advanced online seminars, and they'll enable you to earn your required CE credit! Keep reading to learn more, and call us at 1-866-685-6860 with any questions that you may have.

CME Alaskan cruises

It's not uncommon for medical professionals to combine business with pleasure when earning CE credits in their profession. But because great CME Alaskan cruises are few and far between, is making it so that you can book yours whenever you want! Our learning system is designed so that you can reap all of the benefits of the most advanced conferences and seminars while still learning whenever and wherever you desire.It sounds great, and it is! Call us today to learn more about our "learn anywhere, anytime" approach to continuing your education.

This means that you can turn any ordinary cruise, from anywhere, into one of our incredible continuing medical education cruises! When you have he help from it is really just that easy. When you board the cruise ship a computer will already be installed in your cabin ready to work when you are.You will be able to virtually attend your seminars whenever it is most convenient for you during the course of your vacation, all while relaxing and having the time of your life.

Book your continuing medical education cruises

By giving you the tools and resources you need to learn whenever and wherever you prefer, you can still earn your CE credit and learn new techniques without rearranging your families vacation schedule. Another good thing about learning this way is that when you set up your continuing medical education cruises this way, you will also be able to deduct a portion of your travel expenses from your taxable income. As long as it's permitted in your jurisdiction, you can do this for a trip you would have loved to have taken no matter what! By turning your regular annual cruise into one of our CME cruises, you'll save both time and money while learning from the best professionals in your field. Learn what thousands of visitors a month to our site have learned, how to travel and learn with

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