Benefits of CME Cruises

Imagine relaxing with your spouse while getting a massage on a luxury liner while drifting through the beautiful waters of the Greek Isles. Imagine seeing magical destinations you have only dreamed about and eating five course gourmet dinners every evening. Now imagine receiving continuing education credits while enjoying a dream vacation with CME cruises and continuing your medical education. Pursuing additional education does not have to be restricted to conferences at undesirable locations. NEI Conferences is here to provide you with the most up-to-date technological advances in scheduling on your terms and at your convenience. Take a vacation to any location you want while studying courses by leaders in the field of medical and dental medicine. CME travel is designed to give you the flexibility in your schedule to plan courses on your own time while vacationing at a location you would like to see. Imagine planning a getaway, cruise or relaxing break at your convenience and getting educational credit as well.

CME Travel and Vacation

Imagine visiting Paris, Prague, London or Honolulu while on vacation and combining it with continuing education. NEI Conferences not only allows you to plan your own vacation combined with continuing education coursework, but we also schedule conferences and seminars at exciting destinations. CME travel for medical or dental will provide you with high-quality courses at desirable locations worldwide. Receiving continuing education is easy with NEI Conferences. You can relax and everything will be done for you. Computers will be waiting in your hotel room for you to access at your leisure.

Make your Own Plans

NEI Conferences is here for medical, dental and legal professionals to pursue ongoing credit in your field. They are eager to provide continuing education for professionals at their convenience anytime, anywhere. Take CME cruises or vacations when you want, instead of being at the mercy of conference planners. You will learn from leaders in the field with high-quality course work that professionals expect. NEI Conferences can help you to learn while vacationing with exceptional flexibility and quality studies.

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