CME Continuing Education Medical Coursework

NEI Conferencesí innovative Anytime-Anywhere courses make it easier than ever before for dentists and doctors to schedule continuing education. In the past, many vacation destinations where determined solely by available CME. Continuing education, medical and dental, is now available anywhere from NEI Conferences through the Internet.

Our coursework gives dentists and physicians a great deal of personal freedom. Instead of being restricted to a few CME cruises and resorts, professionals can now go anywhere with reliable Internet connections and still comeback with necessary CME credits.

There are a wide variety of courses available for dental and medical requirements. Current and pending topics includes:

  • Wired Medicine
  • Smoking Cessation
  • Sleep Apnea- Diagnosis, Treatment, Impact on Cardiovascular Disease
  • Serial Extraction
  • Aberrant Extractions in Orthodontics

Once you have successfully completed your conference you will receive certification to submit to your professional associations, just like when you attend a traditional CME conference.

Even CME Cruises Are Possible

The Internet has had a huge effect on many industries. Because it makes information easy to access, it is the perfect way to provide CME. Continuing education medical requirements are traditionally meant by physically attending lectures. However, there is no real hands-on instruction in these events and they can be easily delivered via computer. Now that high-speed Internet connections are routinely available in hotels and other locations, it is easy to access NEI Conferences from any vacation destination. In fact, you can even design your own CME cruises thanks to the NEI Conferences. Log in through your own laptop or a business center computer and access your CME conference without the need of any special software or downloads.

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