CME, Continuing Medical Education, Requirements

Many professions are required to pursue continuing education coursework to maintain their professional standing. Both doctors and dentists are subject to CME, continuing medical education, requirements. Traditionally, this has meant that the limited vacation time available must be dedicated to required coursework.

In the past, CME travel groups have arranged seminars in specific destinations. Physicians and their spouses were limited to a few resorts that were hosting classes that usually took all day. NEI Conferences is changing this forever.

Now dentists and physicians can travel to the vacation destination of their choice and still attend a medical seminar that allows them to meet the standards of their professional organizations. NEI Conferences offer high quality virtual seminars, so attendees only need Internet access. No special software or downloads are required which allows physicians to use borrowed or even hotel business center computers.

CME Travel Options

NEI Conferences allows you to take control of your own vacation again. Our virtual Conference-To-Go format is remarkably flexible because it only requires a reliable Internet connection. This means that NEI Conference participants can relax in their hotel room while attending to their required CME. Continuing medical education coursework can even be completed on a cruise ship.

Medical professionals now have complete freedom when planning their vacations. Not only can you now stay at the resort of your choice, you also have the option to visit friends or family and still complete relevant continuing education courses. CME travel no longer needs to be restricted to a few predetermined destinations holding what are essentially small medical conventions.

Register today for the courses you require. A range of dental and medical topics is available, with new topics added every year. After you attend NEI Conferences you will receive certification of attendance to submit to your professional association.

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