Participate In CME Alaskan Cruises

As any medical professional undoubtedly knows the odds of attending a medical conference on vacation and having fun at that conference are very slim. This conflict between work and play is the defining reason behind NEIís formation of their Travel and Learn series of conferences. With the anywhere anytime flexibility, medical professionals can vacation and attend a seminar towards their CME. Alaskan Cruises are even an option; there are no map restrictions for locations, except that you must be traveling. All that you need to do to is register with us for the seminar or seminars you would like to partake in, submit your travel dates and destination, and we will prepare everything for you.

There are no minimum group requirements, you may attend alone if you wish, and the best part is, you arenít on a schedule. Simply sign up for your course, then log in and view the webcast at some time while on your cruise. We even make sure that there is a computer ready and waiting in the room when you reach your destination. The seminar focus is to add convenience while completing your CME. Cruises are an ideal vacation because of the comfort and relaxation that they afford, so why not treat yourself to a convenient seminar in an environment that is comfortable rather than restrictive?

Anytime-Anywhere CME Cruises

The ease of booking and registering for a seminar cruise through NEI Conferences is not deceiving. It is truly as easy as it seems. CME cruises can be conveniently and easily booked for many locations by simply contacting us to discuss booking options. Imagine having the flexibility to take a cruise and relax out on the ocean, and still earn credit towards continuing education. Some of the benefits of our cruise programs are:

  • Anytime-Anywhere flexibility
  • No schedule restrictions or confines
  • A relaxing and calming environment for learning
  • A portion of your travel/vacation expenses are tax deductible due to the continuing education courses

Alaskan CME cruises are one of our most popular destinations because of the beauty of the vistas and the animals. The peaceful surrounds provide a quiet and relaxing environment, suitable for vacation and learning. Our continuing education programs and seminars make it easy for you enjoy your vacation while still learning the necessary information you need to stay successful in the medical field.

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