American CME Seminars with NEI

NEI conferences make coordinating a vacation and continued education easy for busy professionals in the medical field. The purpose of our service is simple; we provide quality continuing medical education seminars in a location, time, and place of your choosing. Simply register for a course or seminar and let us know when and where you will be vacationing, and we will arrange everything so that a computer is waiting in your hotel room with access to view the seminar via webcast at your own convenience from the comfort of your own room. The best part about this is that a portion of your vacation travel expenses can now be listed as a tax deduction. Our courses are high quality and are tailored to the needs of the busy professionals who participate in the seminars.

If you happen to be the type of individual who learns best in a more traditional learning environment, we also offer traditional American CME seminars in multiple locations around the world throughout the year. Our travel and learn philosophy allows you to travel to destinations for seminars that you would actually select to vacation in, providing a release from the tight restrictions of corporate conference schedules.

NEI Offers Continuing Medical Education Seminars

Many medical professionals find it difficult to take time away from a busy practice to attend medical conferences and still find time within the year to take an actual vacation. NEI Conferences has developed a solution to the problem of finding time to schedule and attend continuing medical education seminars and their travel and learn philosophy adds a new dimension to combining work and play.

With convenient registration options applicants can choose to enroll for one week, two weeks, or, if you travel frequently, even a one year membership option. In the one week subscription you can enroll in up to five lectures for the one week, while there is the added bonus that if you are traveling for more than one week you may purchase the second week for half the cost, and attend up to eight lectures within the two weeks. An annual subscription is ideal for professionals who travel frequently and are interested in learning while traveling, as it allows for them to complete up to eighteen credits of American CME seminars.

NEI has been organizing conferences and seminars for medical professionals since 1996 and is the original provider of travel and learn seminars. We are proud to offer high quality continuing education courses in a manner which is compatible with the fast-paced lifestyle of medical professionals.

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