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Have you been wanting to take one of those incredible Alaskan cruises for years but you simply haven't had time to fit it into your busy schedule? If you are in the medical field NEI Conferences has a great solution in CME travel. Many medical professionals find it difficult to take time off when they really want it because their continuing education requirements and the related travel tend to get in the way, and consume any free time they may have. But we can help you build an Alaska CME cruise that enables you to learn while you take that dream vacation you've been thinking about! Our seminars via Webcast allow you to learn anytime and anywhere you wish, so you can complete your CE requirements from the comfort of your cabin when it's convenient for you and enjoy your trip the rest of the time. We offer complete cruise CME solutions that are entirely customizable, so please take a few minutes to continue exploring Complete details, including a list of our current and upcoming seminar titles, can be found by browsing through our site.

Cruise CME Conferences

Your continued education requirements are very important, and not just because they allow you to maintain your license. Continuing education seminars and conferences are what keep us in the know about emerging technologies, new techniques and what lies ahead in our field. Make sure you're getting the highest quality education in this regard by exploring our cruise CME resources on The latest and most significant topics are covered each year through our convenient online Webcast seminars, all available to you anywhere, anytime. You can set up an Alaska CME cruise, travel to your favorite vacation destination or even attend one of our many pre-arranged and scheduled conferences to get the same powerful, high quality education that our members have been getting for years! Book with us now and take that vacation you have always wanted, while still learning at your convenience.

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