Continuing Medical Education Cruise

NEI connects you with the continuing medical education conferences you require as you travel on vacation. We realize that a vacation can be a rare event for the medical professional. A continuing medical education cruise, for example, allows you to study while enjoying some much needed down time. We provide you access a variety of topics through the Internet. Instead of scheduling your vacation around a medical conference, you can schedule your conference around your vacation. After you have attended our convenient virtual lecture, you will receive a certification of the number of hours you attended to submit to your association.

Although you can arrange to virtually attend our seminars any time from any location, you can also choose to go on one of our vacations. Imagine taking an Alaska CME cruise or traveling to a favorite city. When you are participating in an NEI event, we have special discounts arranged with Hertz Rental Cars, Fairmont Hotels, American Airlines and even Apple Canada.

Alaska CME Cruise

Alaska is a beautiful state. A cruise to this northern most state is unlike any other cruise. An Alaska CME cruise will give you the credits you need to stay current with your medical associations while enjoying the wonders of the north Pacific.

Thanks to our unique style of medical lectures, you can turn any voyage to a continuing medical education cruise. So long as you have access to an Internet connection, you have access to a medical conference. NEI offers both medical and dental topics. We offer new topics every year, so you can continue to enjoy the benefits of the NEI system every year.

To learn more amount the convenience of NEI conferences, use our online contact form to request more information. If you prefer, we can call us toll free from the US or Canada at 1 866 683 2345.

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