Accreditation, Continuing Education: Medical

The most conscientious doctors and dentists wish not only to keep up with the ongoing changes in their professions, but also have a strong desire to become leaders among their peers. NEI Conferences is dedicated to providing accreditation / continuing education medical and dental professionals need to continue to grow and progress in their jobs.

If what matters most to you is accreditation continuing education at NEI Conferences is available to get you where you want to go – quite literally. Our CME-CDE-CLE module was developed for doctors by their peers in the medical profession to meet the needs of individuals in this demanding field, in their own time, on their own terms.

Read on for more information about NEI Conferences’ service to the busy medical professional.

Accreditation – Continuing the Educational Journey

For professionals who seek accreditation, continuing education through NEI is the answer to time and topic dilemmas. Our courses and conferences include a number of up-to-the-minute subjects, ranging from professional ethics, relating to patients and treatment breakthroughs to practical matters such as office management, appointment scheduling and prescription drug issues.

The beauty of these learning courses is that many provide opportunity for accreditation. Continuing education medical professionals and dentists require for many certifications can be found among NEI’s course offerings. However, rather than constrain the busy professional to a set time and date for these courses, the student can plan these courses for times and locations that fit their schedules and lifestyles. In the middle of the night during a busy week or noontime while on vacation: The timing is entirely up to you.

Take a moment to review the upcoming course topics under the Medical/Dental or Health/Legal topics pages, and use our registration tool to get started. Please feel free to contact us toll free at 866-685-6860 or use our online contact form for inquiries.

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